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Tom's Turn - Neighbors and Kin

Posted by Tom Plumbley on Thu, Oct 01, 2015 @ 09:22 AM

More than a year ago Beth Kisor loaned me her copy of The First! The Foremost. It is a book by Reby Cary, long-time leader and historian in Fort Worth’s African-American community. The book is a massive collection of short bio-articles on prominent people of color in our city. Because of this arrangement it’s an easy book to keep on the desk, picking it up to read briefly when I get a chance. Each reading, then, opens to me a new life, a new peek into our Fort Worth. The African-American community has sometimes been integrated into the whole of the city, but more often it has operated as a parallel community, even a shadow community, with banks, schools, churches, medical facilities, stores, and so forth, duplicated because the barriers between races were clear and strict. One of the brief articles that interested me most was that of Community Christian Church, and particularly its long-time minister Paul Sims. Reverend Sims once marched with Dr. King, but I knew him because he was a friend of my father’s. Even a people like the Disciples of Christ, with our open Lord’s Table and our peculiar sensitivity for the sinful division among God’s people, even we were not able to dissolve the divisions between the races in America. Perhaps that remains one of our blind spots!

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Tom's Turn - Bus Disservice

Posted by Tom Plumbley on Thu, Sep 24, 2015 @ 12:37 PM

Directors of Fort Worth’s bus system – the T – have made a decision that I think greatly hinders our neighbors who are trying their best to get and keep jobs, or to have access to health care. And they won’t even sit down and talk with us about it!

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Christy's Comics - We Must Have an Opinion

Posted by Christy Drechsel on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 11:55 AM

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Tom's Turn - Limits to Compassion?

Posted by Tom Plumbley on Wed, Sep 16, 2015 @ 04:19 PM

The apostle Paul encouraged the church in Rome to be so spiritually and emotionally bound to each other that they would “rejoice with those who rejoice, [and] weep with those who weep.” [Rom. 12.15] I thought of old Paul when I saw the video of last night’s baseball game in Cleveland. The Kansas City Royals and the Cleveland team were in a scoreless tie in the top of the fifth inning when Royals right fielder Alex Rios lined a home run into the left field seats. Maybe it had been a long day. Certainly it has been a long season. Or maybe the folks in Cleveland really take the apostle Paul seriously. Whatever it was, the guy who runs the special effects computer for the stadium saw the homer and reflexively hit the button that set off the fireworks display! Realizing what he had done, he stopped it quickly, but the embarrassing hometown celebration for the visiting team’s success was already registered against the night sky. Then, of course, the TV cameras quickly focused on the poor man as he placed his hat over his head hung in shame.

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Christy's Comics - We Are His Monkeys

Posted by Christy Drechsel on Tue, Sep 15, 2015 @ 11:10 AM

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Tom's Turn - Kill and Eat

Posted by Tom Plumbley on Wed, Sep 09, 2015 @ 04:38 PM

I’m not a hunter. I went squirrel hunting once upon a time with my friend Steve Garlow and his dad. Seems the drive to the woods took longer than the total time Mr. Garlow was actually walking around trying to find a squirrel. But, anyway, that’s the total of my hunting stories. Ever.

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Christy's Comics - Expectations

Posted by Christy Drechsel on Thu, Sep 03, 2015 @ 11:40 AM

      Expectations can bring the best out in us or set us up for disappointment. I grew up with my mom setting high expectations for my life – I’ve met some and failed at others – but I always knew that all she asked of me was to “be the best me I could be”. There are people who walk around every single day thinking they are a waste because they didn’t meet this expectation or that expectation. It doesn’t have to be expectations placed on their lives by others. Most of the time the pain is self-inflicted, meaning we set high expectations of ourselves which are rarely met.
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Tom's Turn - Lives Matter. PERIOD.

Posted by Tom Plumbley on Wed, Sep 02, 2015 @ 03:33 PM

Why does it seem we have to keep saying this! The Lord God, through Moses, made it crystal clear so long ago that some think the spokesperson, Moses, never really existed but was simply a character created to tell the story of how the basic laws of human behavior grew up way back in the fuzzy parts of history where fact and myth mix. It’s the Sixth Commandment, for heaven’s sake! Number Six of the Big Ten. You’ve heard it, I know. Lives matter. Thou shalt not take one. (That King James language still carries with it a sort of invisible exclamation mark.)

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Christy's Comics - Keep Asking Questions

Posted by Christy Drechsel on Wed, Aug 26, 2015 @ 02:46 PM

           I have a great appreciation for the fact that the Disciples of Christ is a denomination which values education on many levels. There are 14 undergraduate institutions and 7 theological institutions associated with the DOC, but our quest for knowledge does not reside in institutions alone. I have always said that I followed my call into youth ministry to create a space for youth to ask the important question they need to ask in regard to their faith. That space is loving, nonjudgmental, accepting, and challenging. That is the same space that our church creates for people.
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Christy's Comics - Footprints

Posted by Christy Drechsel on Thu, Aug 20, 2015 @ 04:21 PM

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